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Commonwealth Supported Student Contribution

Commonwealth-supported students are students who have been offered a Commonwealth Supported Place for undergraduate and selected postgraduate programs.

This calculation is indicative only; some rounding of charges will occur.


The Student Contribution Band identifies which rate the course is charged at and is necessary to determine the Student Contribution that a Commonwealth Supported student will be charged.


Student Contribution Charges have been calculated using the relevant contribution band and the EFTSL of the course.

If you wish to check this calculation please complete the steps described below.

Step 1
Note the Student Contribution Band recorded against the year and course.

Step 2
Note the EFTSL recorded against the course.

Step 3
From the table below choose the relevant contribution charge relative to your Contribution Band from step 1.

BandsCharge (2024)

Step 4
Multiply the Contribution Charge from Step 3 with the EFTSL value from Step 2. This value is the Student Contribution charge for the selected course.

Step 5
To determine your full Student Contribution Charges for your enrolment repeat steps 1 to 5 for all of the courses you are selecting for a semester and add the results together.