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ECON 7071UAC - Intermediate Macroeconomics IID

Career: Non-Award
Units: 3
Term: Semester 2
Campus: University of Adelaide College
Contact: Up to 3 hours per week
Restriction: Available to Pre-masters Program students only
Available for Study Abroad and Exchange:
Available for Non-Award Study: No
Assumed Knowledge: Introductory level Macroeconomics, or ECON 1005, or equivalent
Incompatible: ECON 2507
Assessment: Typically, mid-Semester test, take-home test & final exam

Macroeconomics is concerned with the behaviour of the economy as a whole. In particular it addresses the big issues which affect us on a day to day basis. As macroeconomists we want to know why some countries grow more quickly than others, why some experience high rates of unemployment and why all countries experience recessions and booms. Furthermore, we want to know if government policy can have an impact on these factors. The aim of this course is to provide these tools and give a deeper understanding of these issues.

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Course Outline

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Critical Dates

Term Last Day to Add Online Census Date Last Day to WNF Last Day to WF
Semester 2 Mon 09/08/2021 Wed 18/08/2021 Fri 17/09/2021 Fri 29/10/2021

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29817 TT01 10 10 29 Jul - 16 Sep Thursday 6pm - 7pm MyUni, OL, Online Class
7 Oct - 28 Oct Thursday 6pm - 7pm MyUni, OL, Online Class