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MARKETNG 7104UAC - Marketing Management (M)

Career: Non-Award
Units: 3
Term: 4333
Campus: University of Adelaide College
Contact: Up to 36 hours
Available for Study Abroad and Exchange: No
Available for Non-Award Study: No
Assessment: Assignments as outlined in the first lecture

Marketing lies at the core of all business. Whatever the character or size of your entity, its profit can come from only one place; the marketplace. All businesses are dependent on the income they earn from their customers, clients or buyers. In most larger businesses it is marketing managers who are primarily responsible for keeping their company close to its customers. In any case, all those who have a direct responsibility for identifying, reaching and satisfying customers are engaged in marketing and everybody in a business needs to understand its marketplace activities. This course offers a complete introduction to professional marketing thought and action. The course explains the nature and purpose of marketing, followed by the fundamentals of each of the most important marketing tasks. It analyses the business need for customer orientation, the evaluation of markets and the targeting of market opportunities. There is then assessment of buyer behaviour and the role of market information. In addition, the course explains how to integrate product and service decisions with those on pricing, distribution and promotion - and why this is necessary.

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4333 Mon 13/02/2023 Thu 16/02/2023 Fri 31/03/2023 Wed 26/04/2023

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30361 SE02 3 2 2 Feb - 20 Apr Thursday 3pm - 6pm MyUni, OL, Online Class
30362 SE01 3 1 31 Jan - 18 Apr Tuesday 9am - 12pm Schulz, 307, Teaching Room
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30398 TT01 24 21 30 Jan - 24 Apr Monday 5pm - 6pm MyUni, OL, Online Class